The Best SEO Affiliate Services According to John Wright

John is an industry veteran and a good friend of mine. He has been in iGaming since 2001. He has extensive experience in launching and developing his own websites. In issue 57 of GPWA Times Magazine, he shared services that will help SEO affiliates increase site traffic, conversions and profits. Below you will find a translation of the article from English.

Best SEO Services for Affiliates:


Ahrefs is a powerful tool. If you don’t like Ahrefs, check out Semrush, which is Ahrefs’ main competitor. By far the most useful feature that I regularly use is the ability to study backlinks that a site or competitor has;

Surfer SEO

Content is a key part of SEO and Surfer is an amazing tool. It gives you the ability to choose how many times certain keywords and phrases should appear in your content to rank better. It will also show you if you have too many or few headings in your content.

I did NOT use Surfer to write this article, however if I were to publish this on my site I would
definitely used it. If you want your casino reviews to rank higher, put a title in the “content editor” and it will tell you how many keywords, phrases and titles you need to have a better chance of ranking better;

Page Optimizer Pro

This is a complex tool, but it will likely teach you why SEOs care so much about digital metrics. An interesting feature is the free “On-Page SEO Checker,” which compares your page to your top-ranked competitors.

Keywords Everywhere

For the record, I have never used this tool, but there is a good reason why I recommend it: when asking SEOs on forums and on my podcast, they always mention it. The plugin has a 4.6 rating in Chrome and over 1 million downloads.

Keyword Catcher

This is a new keyword app that I’m testing out and thought I’d at least briefly mention it. The main and outstanding feature here is the analysis of search results (search results pages).

Best Conversion Optimization Services for Affiliate SEO

Heatmaps (Hotjar)

Hotjar does more than just hitmaps. If you’ve ever wondered if your website could convert higher, the best way to find out is to enable the Hotjar script. Hotjar will provide two important functions at once:

1. Recordings of your visitors’ sessions and their behavior on the site,

2. Heat maps. When you look at your users’ posts, you’ll soon know if your site has problems. Imagine writing a 2000 word article and all your users immediately abandoning it. Google Analytics will tell you this, but Hotjar will literally show it to you;

AI Heat Maps

Do you want to quickly build a hitmap for your website? Consider a service that generates a site heat map based on artificial intelligence – Zyro(.)com/ai/heatmap;

The Best Data Visualization Services for Affiliate SEOs


I first started using Tableau a year ago when I took Kevin Hartman’s Data Visualization and Analytics course. I had no idea how you could visualize data from your own site;

Looker Studio

Ex-Google Data Studio. Its main advantage is that it is owned by Google. You can use Looker Studio for free in conjunction with all Google analytics products. Create dashboards for your websites using data from Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console. These dashboards can save you a lot of time and help you quickly understand if something is going wrong.

AI services

The only thing I can tell you about artificial intelligence tools is how SEOs use them. People aren’t exactly writing content using ChatGPT and publishing it, but rather using these tools to speed up their workflows. Use artificial intelligence tools to generate content ideas, but not to generate them.